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Collection SS 2016
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Be+, Be+ stronger, Be+ more beautiful

Yes, move, dance and run,
but don't forget to stay sexy!
Etam's BE+ line combines technical performance and support with the trendy ultra-cool touch that makes you want to go the extra mile.  A collection for every woman out there who wants to boost her energy to be at the top of her game.
A range of 14 bras perfect for fitness, running, dance or yoga, designed in pop colours and prints that can even be worn for going out. Sports bras with three levels of support and blue or pink leopard print body-shaping leggings, neon marl textures and a motivating mantra written on the T-shirts and vests, all in technical fabrics...

A more slender figure for a more active lifestyle... Let's go!

Contacts presse

France :
Karla Otto
Emma Sidibe Perez -
Spain :
Nota Bene
Isabel Camara -
Isona Batiste -
Belgium :
Nathalie de Schepper -
Poland :
Marlena Zukowska -
Chile :
The Room
Rosario Grez -
Isabel Tapia -
China :
Jalla Zhao -
Catherine Peng -
Russia :
Fashion Studio
Natalia Bankhaeva -

Other countries :
Karine Tarica -
Bérangère Llorca -


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