For a spectacular year-end, here's a sensational wish list!
Divine silks! From sequined chic-à-porter,
to shimmering lingerie and fluffy onesies for everyone.
  Let the show begin!

Heed carefully, sensuality to be seen. A dainty teddy to wear out for the night,
and fabulously delicate lace for ultra-sophisticated gifts to give, or to treat yourself.

Pyjama Party

A variety to choose from, ideal for watching movies and holiday specials:
fluffy onesies, adorable kid approved 3D-slippers, cuddly pajama bags...
Immediate reminders of your childhood.

Shimmering ornamental lace- “foil” in the jargon - to shine all night long.
Or maybe just to keep to yourself? A secret held next to your skin. Or perhaps
better to show it off? Under a delicately transparent blouse.

Christmas Silk

Just the right amount of sexy, to warm hearts and bodies.
A 100% silk collection to hide under the tree.
Kimono 99,99€ / Top 39,99€ / Short 29,99€ / Teddy 69,99€. Available for purchase in November 2018.

Background pictures : Rawpixel, Andrii Podilnyk & Jess Waters on Unsplash