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Collection SS 2016
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Nomad Swimwear

Set off, stretch out on the sand or play the mermaid on a boat: it's time to dream of elsewhere! At Etam, swimwear is taking its inspiration from travel and creating an explosion of patterns in sunshine colours. With ethnic prints from Africa, pop colours, neo-nautical stripes and jungle motifs, the collection is infused with an exotic mood. Sexy two-pieces or an ultra-chic one-piece, a girly bow or feminine draping, refined details or sensual minimalism: there's every reason for diving into the water!

Contacts presse

France :
Karla Otto
Emma Sidibe Perez -
Spain :
Nota Bene
Isabel Camara -
Isona Batiste -
Belgium :
Nathalie de Schepper -
Poland :
Marlena Zukowska -
Chile :
The Room
Rosario Grez -
Isabel Tapia -
China :
Jalla Zhao -
Catherine Peng -
Russia :
Fashion Studio
Natalia Bankhaeva -

Other countries :
Karine Tarica -
Bérangère Llorca -


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