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Collection SS 2017
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Bold or discreet, the Valentine's Day collection, in red and black, is adorned with gorgeous lace, sophisticated guipure and refined tulle, to enhance your femininity.
​Play on your sexytude with Very Sexy eyes, and dare wearing Porte Baiser liquid lipstick in red passion.

All you need is love! 

Contacts presse

France : Jean Marc Fellous
Aurélie Uzan - 
Bertille Nabholtz -
Spain : Nota Bene
Isabel Camara -
Isona Batiste -
Belgium : Oona
Nathalie de Schepper -
Poland : Etam
Marlena Zukowska -

Chile : The Room
Rosario Grez -
Isabel Tapia -
China : Etam
Jalla Zhao -
Catherine Peng -
Russia : Fashion Studio
Natalia Bankhaeva -

Other countries : Etam
Karine Tarica -
Eymeline Gautriaud - 


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