Collection SS 2017
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What if the time of the super heroines has finally arrived?!

She is the most famous heroine of all time. She is strong, intelligent and sexy.
​At ETAM, from all of our 100 years of existence, we feel very close to this 20th century icon of feminism and we are kicking off the year with super powers thanks to this capsule collection.

100% WONDER 100% WOMAN 

Contacts presse

France : Jean Marc Fellous
Aurélie Uzan - 
Bertille Nabholtz -
Spain : Nota Bene
Isabel Camara -
Isona Batiste -
Belgium : Oona
Nathalie de Schepper -
Poland : Etam
Marlena Zukowska -

Chile : The Room
Rosario Grez -
Isabel Tapia -
China : Etam
Jalla Zhao -
Catherine Peng -
Russia : Fashion Studio
Natalia Bankhaeva -

Other countries : Etam
Karine Tarica -
Eymeline Gautriaud - 


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