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Etam rekindled the incandescent flame of its famous Live Shows for a 16th edition in the form of a party. On September 26, 2023, the brand resurrected Paris’ most mythical night club and invited its spectators to relive the effervescence of the 1980s.


WELCOME TO LE PALACE! Etam reignites the incandescent Live Show flame for a new 2023 edition by resurrecting the most mythical nightclub of the 80s, Le Palace. For one evening, relive the excitement of Parisian nights at this iconic venue where anything goes. The revival of the party temple of is announced for September 26, […]


Inspired by the brand’s archives, IDOLE is the very expression of Etam’s lingerie-making expertise. A new singular and timeless signature lace, designed as a true celebration of every woman, for all their lives and desires. Discover a brand-new collection in 11 colors on July 18th.